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Birds Hunter African Safari – Take your gun, sharp your skills and make your dark desert trip cool in this Bird Hunting Season

Play Bird Hunting Season, the newest sniper hunt game to shoot ducks, pigeons, seagulls and many more flying birds

How to play Birds Hunter African Safari Game

    Game main UI having an awesome background with full panel lets you to discover fun.

    After your first start you will be in battlefield at deep and dark desert at a shining day, a sniper pointer helps you to target/range your shoot to assist with zoom in and radar options.

    Make sure you don’t miss any target and shoot every flying bird that flies your way.

    Become an ultimate hunter and prove your sharp shooter skills.

Information and Features of Birds Hunter African Safari Game

★ Weather keeps changing and birds fly from snowy mountains to African jungles.

★ This time around the year is bird hunting season.

★ It is a perfect day to hunt birds like vulture, sparrow and black crow.

★ Grab your sniper rifle, do camouflage and take position in trees.

★ Keep looking in sky for flying birds and aim to shoot at first sight.

★ Test your sharpshooter skills with ultimate bird hunting game.

★ When sky is clear you will see lots of eagles, vultures and pigeons.

★ Take a trip to realistic birds valley to enjoy brilliant shooting missions.

Reskin and Launch Service includes

· Source Code of the App

· Full Reskin of this App

· Dedicated Project Manager

· Advertising Integration

· Basic ASO

· AppStore Submission

· Integration of IAP if Any

· 1 Month After sales support

· Turn Around Time is 20 - 30 Days

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