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Birds Vs Zombies 2 – Enjoy the fun of new types of birds, zombies and items.

Birds vs Zombies 2 is a very funny casual game on Android!

How to play Speed Rival - Birds Vs Zombies 2

    🐤 In order to defend their territory, Brave birds tenacious struggle with the invading zombies. They use the body hit the zombies in large numbers. In the same time birds compose a new chapter in the game an epic.

    🐤 Move species of the same color type, Up and down more than three can be spliced into the flock, put them in front frontier and then bodies will be burning in flame, sliding them along the route, the birds were rushed shock enemies.

    🐤 Multi collection of bird flocks, attack power will be more vigorous. After Knocking down zombies, battlefield will leave the coins, remember to collect, It is buying props capital. The rational use of props is a prerequisite for clearance.

Information and Features of Birds Vs Zombies 2

⍟ Vivid Music and Lovely Sound Effects!

⍟ Classic Gameplay

⍟ Unique BGM

⍟ More Challenges

⍟ Multiple Items

Reskin and Launch Service includes

· Source Code of the App

· Full Reskin of this App

· Dedicated Project Manager

· Advertising Integration

· Basic ASO

· AppStore Submission

· Integration of IAP if Any

· 1 Month After sales support

· Turn Around Time is 15 - 30 Days

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