Farm Business

Farm Business - Android Farming Game

Welcome to the Farm Business - A Farming Simulation Game. If you are a fan of the simulation or farming genre, you shouldn’t miss this game.

How to Play Farm Business Game

  • You could buy the products at supermarket with the available items to server your business and requirement.
  • To appeal more customers, you just visit the house…you can purchase your products such as choose the leaflets connected to the product for customers, choose the form of TV advertisement; choose the Advertisement of Internet, radio.
  • In the Farm Business Game, there are 2 researching market experts those will appear in the building in every level: Market Research (this will help you know the products needed to be produce in each missions).

Information and Features of Farm Business Game

⍟ HQ Graphics with attractive images.

⍟ Upgrade more Achievements.

⍟ 100 levels with upgraded degree of difficulty in each level.

⍟ Open shopping centres.

⍟ Visit the Technology building to upgrade your farm when it’s necessary.

⍟ Share your game on social media platform.

⍟ AdMob Advertisements Integration.

⍟ Don’t forget the lucky rotate named lottery which will be rotated every Sunday.

Reskin and Launch Service includes

· Source Code of the App

· Full Reskin of this App

· Dedicated Project Manager

· Advertising Integration

· Basic ASO

· PlayStore Submission

· Integration of IAP if Any

· 1 Month After sales support

· Turn Around Time is 15 - 30 Days

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  1. deng says:

    I liked this game very much,how deep would you Reskin?
    because I found a lot of this game on googleplay, and they just change the map.

    can you give me a Reskin app demo? thanks ..

  2. Rony says:

    I ordered this game 2 weeks ago.
    Can u please share some updates, progress, images, or any update would be good.

    Thank you

  3. Albert E. Sanchez says:

    Hey, I ordered this game last week. Can you update the status?

    Thank you!

    Albert E. Sanchez

  4. Eugene Warner says:

    Hi! I just ordered it.. Please check and reskin one for me ASAP..

  5. Quentin C. Trice says:

    My Farm Business Game Income

    Farm Business Game Income

    I am impressed and bought 2 more games.. Thanks!

  6. Alex Cook says:


    This game is Fab.. I just bought resin package.. Please proceed.. Thanks.. 😀

  7. Yaminah Hadiyyah Asfour says:

    Hey, I am very much interested in this Farm Business game reskinning. Kindly tell me more about this. Thank you!

  8. Arthur Harvey says:

    I liked this game very much and liked to get it reskinned.. Please contact me. Thanks..

  9. David A. Hall says:

    Hey! Can you show me some new graphics you have recently prepared for any new reskin?


    David A. Hall

  10. Gary Martinez says:


    What are the Facebook permissions needed to be approved from Facebook? And how deep would you Reskin?


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