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Games and Apps Reskin Service

Team AppaRum is providing an amazing App Reskinning Service for Android apps or games. By hiring us for Games and Apps Reskin Service, you don’t have to pay separately for App Source , Developers and Designers. We will do all the hard work for you and get your app published on Google Play Store. Also, we can create wonderful Android Apps from scratch, as long as you have a concept on your mind and are ready to develop it. If you still have some confusions or queries just drop us an e-mail at apparum19@gmail.com and we will reply ASAP.


What is App Reskinning? Let’s explain it a bit! As you must know, every game or app is developed with lots of efforts and it takes a lot of experience, money and time. However, in the process of reskinning, we give a new look to the old app or game by changing its theme and design and publishing it to our Play Store Account. The developer need not create the game or app from scratch. You can buy the source code of any made app or game from the market and get its design and look changed by us.


Reskinning has lots of benefits as it saves app development time, trial errors, is cost effective and increases revenue. Thus, it is advisable for beginners in app development business to start with reskinning in place of freshly developed Unity 3D Apps Source Codes. It helps in minimizing investments and increasing returns in both time and worth. This way, they can Earn Money with Apps Development without spending too much.


Let’s see an example of a beginner or amateur developer who wants to have Money Making Apps for himself. He likes Endless Running Android Games like Subway Surfers. He just searches the market and purchases the premade source code for the same. Now, he has got 2 choices. The first choice is he can reskin it himself, if he is a technical guy. Or, he may look out for some freelancer to do the same for him. Now if he is a technical guy, it's very good for him as he would be saving the money he will pay the freelancer to reskin it. However, if he is not then he needs a lot of time, money and efforts to search for a freelancer to work as per his choice and then get the work done. Now in this process, he will have to search for multiple freelancers, designers, coders, developers or / and few more experts. He must coordinate with all of them to get the output needed.

Why people choose AppaRum

Why to choose AppaRum.com for Game Reskinning

Mostly, it is a pain to find and work with all these freelancers, as they all have different time zones and different terms and conditions too. So, here, AppaRum comes into the picture. We have our in-house team of Pro designers, developers, 3D animators and coders. Now you never have to search for another freelancer, as all your app reskinning requirements will be fulfilled at AppaRum.com, a company with lots of expertise and the best rates.

You have to just contact us with your theme idea and or source code, and we will take care of the rest. Our team will work on your project and keep you fully updated. Our rates are the best in the market, so it will not make a hole in your pocket and easy to manage.

We always try to understand the requirements of our clients and to earn their trust, we ensure the best quality at the best rates. Our team is committed to providing timely & quality Games and Apps Reskin Service to our clients. We keep on improving with all the projects we are doing to make us better in every aspect.

Process of Reskinning Games / Apps
with AppaRum

Source Code:  The first requirement of any reskinning is a source code of the app or game. If you have your own source code, you are always welcome to get it reskinned. Often, we have seen that people sell you faulty source codes, which are not complete or which have problems. You may get apps reskinned from our Portfolio of Source Codes. If you don’t find it in our list, you are welcome to contact us with your requirements. We will try to arrange it if possible. After the game or app is confirmed, you must decide the Theme and Characters in which you are interested, or we can help you decide. Once everything is finalised about source code, theme and characters, then we would send you the Project Estimate and Time Frame included for reskinning.

Increase your App Business Income
with AppaRum

Once everything is finalised, we will begin work. Once it starts coming into existence, we will share screenshots, design, layout, images with you. After getting your confirmation, we will integrate your ads in the game or app. After all this checking and approvals, we will send you demo game or apk for testing and approval. Once you confirm it, we will send you the completed game or app with updated Source Code, and now it’s ready to be uploaded to your Google Play Store Developer Account. We take 100% advance payments. However, if it’s a large project, we can look into two or three instalments. Contact us for any further query!

Our Portfolio


  1. instahara says:

    I am looking for gallery app with images , videos and audio files which also includes file manager.


    1. User can cast images, video and audio file to cast enabled smart tv or chromecast enabled tv or reku or fire tv .

    2. Option to create a album with images & album video.

    3. Option to create slideshow.

    4. Option to create playlist for audio files.

    5. Implement cast functionality for all media files.

    6. Implement to cast media files to dlna/upnp enabled tvs.

    Skills: Android, Java, Mobile App Development

    please confirm total cost and payment mode

  2. Anurag says:

    I want a dynamic quotes app kindly reply me

  3. tal says:

    hi I want to buy Ranch Run from dovemobi I want reskin for IOS ad android how much will cost

  4. Binod Kumar Sinha says:

    Sir, I have purchased Web CMS Quiz App Starter Kit All In One Android from Chupamobile and want :
    1. Full Re-Design of the App (Reskin)
    2. Customized icon and welcome screen
    3. Design integration
    4. Implement Trivia that allows users to compete against friends and people around the world
    5. AD Network integration
    6. App Store Submission
    7. 3D logo design
    8. Push Back Notification
    9 Splash and Stunting Screen
    9. Login Page with Face Book, Google and email
    10 Stunting App screen
    11. Implement – Quiz Data Features as mention Quiz App Starter Kit All In One Android with CMS (Chupamobile)
    12. Support for 6 months
    13. Other work as necessary, please confirm total cost and payment mode

  5. dawood hashmi says:

    Have a tank zombie game

    1. require some of the change that are
    2. change the size of all button and size..
    3. change the background
    4. change the splash
    5. change the logo/title
    6. change the game name…
    7. change the controller button position from right side to left side
    8. make new characters of zombies and tanks and replace with existing characters and tanks
    9. change admob to appodeal or applovin
    10. insert the values of leaderboard which is already pre installed.

    then at the end
    export(final apk or import ) android
    or IOS and upload on developers accountOnly

  6. Erujeje says:

    Hello can you reskin my slots party style game source code on android for me? how much and what do you need me to provide?

  7. Albert says:

    Hi, thank you for your services and i am not a customer, yet. Could I please get some demo? – I would be so interested into having business with you. Kinldly, Albert

  8. Russell Justice says:

    Do you have any Basketball Game Source Code?

  9. Fidel H. Lima says:


    I have ordered Banana Island Game Reskin Pack. What do you need from my end?

    Thank you!

  10. Tommie Ginsberg says:


    I want to buy Railroad Game Reskin.


  11. Yael F. Smith says:


    I again want to buy a fresh reskinned version of Farm Business Game. Earlier I bought on 13th April. Hope you have some discounts for returning clients..

  12. Sakinat Melikov says:

    I have mailed you my source code. Please check and send me price for its reskin..

  13. Sarah A. Beard says:

    I am interested in Bird Vs Zombie Game Reskin. Are you free??

  14. Jodie Chapman says:

    Can you suggest good plugin to use Google leader board?

  15. kiim says:

    hi,can i have the full list of your source codes and estimatade costs please.

  16. Charles Warren says:


    I have bought reskin package for Tuk Tuk Game.. Please confirm it.

  17. Megan Doherty says:

    Hey, I played your RailRoad Game and really loved it.. Good potential game! I want to get it reskinned.. Is there any other method apart from PayPal?

    Megan Doherty

  18. Michelino Pinto says:

    I bought Streaker Run Game Reskin Pack.. Please confirm the payment and other details asap. Also, what inputs you need from my side to start the project?

  19. Haddas Neftalem says:

    Hey guyzz…..can anyone help me in ads section….i’m really confused with event handler of reward ads (admob).

    I use the sample code but I am not able to call handler event in which i reward some star to player…only ad is showing…after that nothing happen….no log msg.

  20. Yael F. Smith says:


    I want a fresh reskinned version of your Farm Business Game. Tell me the next steps.

  21. Michael Benedict says:


    I have 10 source codes from ChupaMobile to get reskinned. I have mailed you list. Please check n revert.. Thanks

  22. Arlene W. Huson says:

    I’ve read that some applications or plugins can hijack the IAP system from our game. How to prevent our games from that?

  23. Milan Holý says:

    I bought your reskin service for farm Game. What to do next?

  24. Grelott says:

    What if I give you my own source codes?

  25. Mihir Sabharwal says:

    Hi, One of my friend wants to develop a kids learning app using unity for android and iOS… if YOU are interested, can you please drop me a mail. He is willing to pay for the effort, this can be discussed later once the project spec is understood for implementation.

  26. JudyDolanmsk says:

    I need source codes of some of your games. Are you interested?

  27. Shelly says:

    I must say you have high quality games here.
    I want to buy some source codes. Please message me.

  28. Pattira says:

    Hi, I want to get my apps reskinned. I have various source codes. How can we discuss this further?

  29. Pankaj Sharma says:

    I want to get your farm game rekinned..

  30. Charlotte Cox says:

    Hi, I’d like you to Reskin my Source Code of an Endless Running Game.

    Please send me a Quote.

    • Hello, We need to look at the source code first because Cost of reskinning depends upon the number of characters, functions of characters and how big is the environment of game and also what new theme you wants to implement. Thank you Charlotte!

  31. Edward Michie says:

    I wanted to get reskinned Streaker Run game. Please contact me..

  32. Ryan Kim says:

    I already requested estimated costs and process to your team. Please refer to the belw’s comment and send the email to me again.
    I still didn’t get the mail from you.

  33. Ryan Kim says:

    Hello! I read your website and portfolio. I would like to know your required source code lists so I can decide to proceed further choice and decision with your team. Thanks

  34. misty says:

    Hi…Was just looking you site and interested in http://apparum.com/run-horse-run-reskin-package/……….can we talk on skype

  35. Thomas Sanders says:

    My brother recommended me this web site for reskinning. He was entirely right. This truly made my profits grow with Excellent ROI. Thanks..

  36. Luke Mitchell says:

    I am interested in steaker run game……..ordered one also………..but interested in more like this……..please tell me do you have more………also want to see sample graphics for this

  37. Ryke Adams says:

    Hi! Checked your portfolio……..Do you have this all or if you have more …………..can you send me list of your source codes ……….so that I can make some more choices……Thanks anyway.

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