Make Money with Android Apps and AdMob

Make Money with Android Apps and AdMob Ads for Smart Passive Monthly AdSense Income

Passive AdMob / AdSense Income with Android Content Apps Development


We are turning you from modest little penny earners into cash-pulling behemoths and you can earn thousands of dollars per month from Android Apps. And you never have to constantly watch over your shoulder from fear of being banned.

Free Apps are downloaded thousands times more than the paid app. You’ll earn at least $1 every day from one App within 2-3 weeks. You’ll earn $4-5 from some apps and $1 from some apps. On an average, you’ll earn $100 from 100 apps every day. You can upload unlimited apps inside one Google Publisher account.

Steps in Making Money with Android Apps and AdMob!

  • You choose your desired Plan and Pay us
  • We will do Proper Keyword Research and Niche Selection
  • We will make all Content, Icons, Screenshots, Splash Screen etc.
  • You’ll send us AdMob Banner & Interstitial Ad Codes to put in Apps
  • We will make your Android App with APK File
  • You’ll buy an Android Publisher A/c from Google (Cost $25 one time)
  • We’ll make all Images required and Content for your App
  • We’ll publish your App on your Android Play Store Account
  • You’ll start making money within 2-3 weeks

    Bringing Users or Daily Installs to your Android Apps!

    Downloads or Installs are Very IMPORTANT for your Apps and it is actually VERY EASY because our all Packages includes:
    • A professional and dedicated project manager throughout the Service
    • Few Keyword Reviews to your App through our Google +1 App Communities and Facebook Groups.
    • Get at least 500 Twitter Re-tweets and FB Likes to your app
    • First 100+ installs of your app is on us to boost start it.
    • Proper use of Keywords in making Apps
    • Professional ASO (App Store Optimization) to help users find your Android app in the Play Store.


    Please write a comment for Demo Apps at the end of the Page and we’ll get back to you within few hours. Alternatively Contact us at Sales@AppaRum.Com We’re usually online 15-17 hours a day, all days of week.

    How you Gonna Make Money Online from Android Apps

    This is a Real Business Model offering Real Values! Who doesn’t have a Smart Phone these days? Every Smart Phone needs Apps. Someone need is someone’s income! So your app is been downloaded and used. And user will click on AdMob Ad too and this is how you will make money! So this is Passive AdMob / AdSense Earning with no domain expenses at all!

    Try It Now Package


    1 ANDROID APP @ $125 Only!


    Start It Now Package


    3 ANDROID APP @ $350 Only!


    Silver Package


    10 ANDROID APP @ $1100 Only!




    GOld Package


    25 ANDROID APP @ $2500 Only!


    Platinum Package


    50 ANDROID APP @ $4750 Only!


    Diamond Package


     100 ANDROID APP @ $9000 Only!


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    Who else wants a proven and legal method to increase their AdSense Revenue? We discovered a system to earn true autopilot income with Android Apps and Google AdMob. If you still got any questions; contact us with your query and we’ll be more than happy to help you out! We are online 15 hours a day, 7 days a week!


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      • Hi Corey,

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