1. Bonnie A. Cho says:

    Please check your Skype. I have 20 Source Codes of various games to be reskinned. I messaged you to discuss the project. Please revert back..

  2. Sean Diesel says:


    I want RailRoad Crossing Game to be Reskinned. I just bought the pack.. Thanks..

  3. Pat Crandall says:

    I want a reskin version of your game “Streaker Run”. How can we discuss theme for it?

    — Pat Crandall

  4. Russel Crain says:

    Hi Akshansh!

    I have my own source codes for many games.. I want to hire you to get them reskinned. How to proceed now?

    Thank you,
    Russel Crain

  5. Văn Thanh Tuân says:

    Hello! I have bought Source Code of Subway Surfer from somewhere. Can you reskin it for me and what would be the cost of reskinning?

    • Hello Van, Of course we can reskin it. Cost of reskinning depends upon the number of characters, functions of characters and how big is the environment of game and also what new theme you wants to implement.

  6. Zbyněk Trojánek says:

    Can I Only Buy Android App Source Codes From This Site?

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